Writing and Optimism: What it’s like working as a Content Writer for Piccopay

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I like your writing style”

Last June 20,2022, I received an email from Johnsons Berkshire Solutions Inc. the company I’m currently working for as an intern, informing me that my contract is extended and that I’m tasked as a “content writer” for Piccopay.

What was I feeling? I am beyond grateful, I was happy, I cried, and I felt excited and at the same time anxious.

Why was I anxious?

It is because I am outside of the sphere of technology. I was kind of afraid, what if because of my lack of knowledge regarding the fintech industry, I will not be able to deliver our company’s message to the people. These are all my thoughts after I signed my contract.

All the thoughts and anxiousness that I was feeling back then were all washed away when our CEO, Errole Gutierrez, told me these five words, “I like your writing style”. It felt as if a boulder was lifted off of my shoulders. Cringe it may sound but it’s the truth, those mere five words comforted the heck out of me. He told me that my writing doesn’t have to be technical sounding, it doesn’t have to contain that much technical jargon, and that I should focus on telling a story. I was assured, I was comforted, I was motivated, and I became optimistic to write more for Piccopay.

There are indeed times that I feel like my writing is lacking because it is only simple and not technical sounding, but what keeps me motivated is that I am writing for the people to understand, not for them to be confused or take time to search up a word or be bored while reading. I should be telling the story of Piccopay not overselling it. It may sound crazy that a fintech company wants its content to be not technical sounding, but relatively simple. That is what makes Piccopay special.

Right now, I am really enjoying working with them. Together with our Interim Lead, Kevin Cortes, and our CEO, they made me feel like my writing is enough. I really enjoy it too whenever they gave comments and suggestions on the drafts that I send them.

Piccopay really do upholds diversity and inclusion, at the same time “teamwork”, and I’m crazy in love with it.

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